Tuesday, November 6, 2007

From Illustration to Icing

For the past 2 weeks, we've been busy working on new cookie designs for the Meli & Angi website. We usually start with several illustrations, and since one of our pet peeves is wasting icing, we try to narrow down our favorites as much as possible. After selecting a design, we'll vary color combinations like the carriage cookies below that were recently added to our baby page.

Original illustration:

Final icing with "girl" and "boy" color combinations:

The pastel colored "Buttons" on the right side of this photo are also new to our cookie menu. At 1.5" in diameter, we think they are the perfect size for snacking. They're also available without any icing for those who prefer to eat just the cookie itself. We've been told by our taste testers that they're yummie either way. They're definitely one of our favorites to ice.

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~S~ said...

OOOhh pretty cookies! Keep up the good work, ladies!