Wednesday, March 5, 2008

....and we're back!

We all had such a fun time on our vacation to the Bahamas. Meli especially loved playing in the sand and building castles. She had a scratch on her nose so she's wearing a Nemo bandaid in this picture that matches her blue bikini. Isn't she cute!

I'd have to say the most fun was had at Great Stirrup Cay, when Eileen, Meli and I all got to relax on the big float while Jae and Yong pushed us out in the ocean. It took us almost all day to convince Meli to get on. And good thing we did! Even days after we returned, Meli still recalls the fun she had on the "tube" while eating her box of raisins.

And now that we're back and recharged, we're ready to get baking and blogging so please check back for more updates!

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