Friday, November 14, 2008

Red Egg Cookie Favors

In Chinese culture, a newborn's 30th day is celebrated with a "Red Egg & Ginger" dinner.  It's like a coming out party for the baby since infant mortality rates were high back in the day, so reaching 30 days meant the baby would survive.

The color red represents good fortune & happiness, while the egg is a symbol of fertility. The ginger represents the mother who during her postpartum healing eats foods cooked with ginger. The dinner is also a time for the mother to come back out in the social world since traditionally, she's been at home healing for 30 days.

For Lila's Red Egg dinner, Meli & Angi made these "Red Egg" cookies for all the guests. We used 3 different types of writing on the eggs for variation. They were a hit with all the guests...definitely more of a treat than the actual red-dyed eggs that were given out ;)


Lindsey said...

Hi! My son's red egg and ginger party is in October and I wanted to do favors like these cookies. Where are you located? I was wondering if you would be able to make these for my son's party. Please let me know.


Wes said...

Lovely cookies! The red eggs themselves are certainly traditional, but the cookies are perhaps even more likely to be eaten by guests!