Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Zoe's Incredible 2nd

When we were contacted by Susan to make cookies for her daughter Zoe's 2nd birthday party, we were excited to create a new design. The theme was based on the movie The Incredibles so Susan sent us ideas for an Incredibles logo cookie, as well as a personalized "POP!" "WHAM!" type of design that would say "ZOE!" instead. So we thought - why not do both!

We love creating new designs for our clients and are very excited to add these to our collection!

Thank you to Susan Jung for sending us photos of the cookies and Zoe's party.

And Happy 2nd Birthday Zoe! We hope it's an INCREDIBLE year!


Anonymous said...

they look incredible! =)

Susan said...

angie you outdid yourself once again! zoe loved these and she still talks about the "incredible cookies" hahaha thank you so much!!